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Communicating Through Story-telling: Raising Our Voices and Extending Our Vocal Lives THURSDAY 6/7 10am-12:30pm / A Story Well Told: Celebrating The Human Voice Saturday 6/9 11am - 12:15pm

Technological advances in the fields of communication and performance have, for the most part, served us well. But recent developments have many people in the arts suddenly wondering: might the very technologies we've been using to enhance our skills eventually replace us? With the exponential development of computer softwares that are replicating human expression (vocally, physically, and emotionally), performers face the very real possibility of being absorbed, altered, and perhaps, in time, altogether erased.

Tuning Our Instruments:
It is imperative for us to continue developing our skills, expanding the capabilities of our instrument, and finding the nuances and shades of expression that are uniquely human. We want to discuss the relevance of real experience vs a virtualized one. Does it matter? "The Matrix" moment for the performance arts is upon us and we must address it before we find ourselves catapulted into a future that favors cost-saving commercial enterprise over real human exchange, connection, and performance.

This 2.5 hour session will be a workshop for participants interested in expanding their relationship to the spoken word and addressing the concerns that new technology brings. During the session we will challenge established patterns (vocal, physical, and emotional) that prevent us from furthering our overall expression; discover ways to move through roadblocks, preventatives, and conflicts that limit the creative process; and open up our understanding of, and agility with, words and language, so that we can identify the vocal energies that create and enhance our communication.

Participants will have the opportunity to have a one hour private follow-up session with Geof during the Festival from Friday morning through Saturday afternoon.

There is the possibility that a small group of artists from this session might perform The Pledge of Allegiance at the Saturday night closing showcase -- AUDIO Tonight!

Participation in this program is included with the purchase of any HEAR Now FULL Festival Pass or Featured Artist Festival Pass, or can be taken alone for a fee of $50.00 for the session. HEAR Now Festival performers are also welcome as their schedules and space allows. 

Space is limited for this program so be sure to reserve your space today!

My Moderators Sessions

Saturday, June 9

11:00am PDT